Courtney Clicks
Want to learn click funnels but not really sure where to start?...
Scared of not being "tech-y" enough to be successful?
 Let me show you how.
Who is Courtney Clicks?
Wife. Mom. Marathon Runner. Sobriety Coach. Coffee Lover. Funnel Hacker.

I began my journey with Click Funnels in 2018, shortly after giving birth to my daughter Cora. At that time I was not even sure really what a click funnel was. The vast opportunity of newness of it sparked an interest that kept me up all hours of the night trying to learn more. 

If you have ever been a new parent, you know that sleep is INVALUABLE.

But Guess what?

I saw Click Funnels as more valuable....
What should you do next?
You should ask yourself why you are on my page?

To learn to build your own funnels?
To have a custom funnel built for your business?
To follow my journey just for the heck of it?

All answers lead to one thing!  Click Below!
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